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ANOINTED-1: This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1.


The BlackRays1 Blac-Keys 2 Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 + Originat-Org-One1 – COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 pt2

Z-BlackRayz Blac-Keys_neg image_smZ-BlackRayz Blac-Keys _small

I AM: True Talent Thriving, no longer, struggling – striving – simply self-surviving. Artistically alive and active as an Arthiest Actionary. And also, allowing authentic attributes arising, authorized artworks availing and advancing; Arch Angle Ark Anchor Ankh Aten-Atum-Atom-Amen-Ra’s Rayzial radiance reality, rare rich royalties, rendered resources righteously. 


Moreover, I never need all of the worldly material matter, manufactured – man made mechanisms, military mortalities, modern medicinal modalities. Mass murder, media “menticide”; manslaughter massacres. Nor needing criminally corrupt clinical chemical conjured concoctions called cures; constantly committing crimes against Africoidian Aboriginals in the Americas. Purposed pharmaceutical prescription pill pollution poisoning, public people’s planetary prison populations; = PHAMACIDE!!!


“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” (Thoreau via Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

BUTT Beautiful beginnings are bountifully birthed, basically because of being buttressed by better blessed born beliefs. Along with the Masculine maturity to face up the the Feminine facts, forthrightly first family founded fortunes =$$$.

Healthful Humble Humane Humility: Means to me and my melanin messiah mastermind; is by being honest and sincere to myself. Breaking things back down to the real nitty-gritty grassroots grounds green growths. Tiling turfs, digging dirt, clays, mud – mixing manures, leaf molds, compost, and on my bare hands and knees, touching Mother Nature Earth. Planting vegetables and sowing seeds into fertile soils. Watching them germinate and grow graciously.

anima Earth-11-juneThen eating and drinking some of them live and raw!! Humbling holistic healing = Holistory Heritage Health. [ref.]

Howsoever, never bowing down before no man made god, nor humbling in front of another male as if he was made in the image of some senseless: “God” humanized. None of this religious racism, raping – robbing – raiding righteousness of Amen-Ra!ani%20galaxyani.gif

Constantly Circulating Chemistry = Clean Cultured Creative Evolution1

OFFICIAL OFFENSE ORIGINATORGONE1: Defensively defined due destruction, desolation; divinely decreed demise, declared deliberated death. Accurately aimed at and against all antagonist adversaries, alien agencies, asinine ass angry Angloidian-American Al Qaida Opposing Operatives!

anima%20anfry_tree.gifThey can’t hatefully hide their treacherous tree trunks. Thus  tyrannical; whitefaces, behind blackfaces and brownfaces. I now know that today they try to trick We’s & Us’s; into thinking that they had and have nothing to do with such sick servant slaves. Although they concocted these so said sorry suckers, stupid stooges, sycophant sellout Samboes. And conjured up the Black Jackass Uncle Toms. Supremacist Slavers Satanic SAMBOISM – SELFHATISM – UNCLETOMISM!!!

EGOIST: Eu-Rope-ans evil enemy entities, eugenicist executioners, exacting enmities everywhere, everyplace; upon our orbiting planetary sphere. All around the Global World Nations. Causing combustible civic conflicts, crazed criminalized citizens, corrosive cellular cancers, crooked coconut cocoon cops, corruption citywide – countywide – countrywide. CauCrazians colonizing citizens consciousness, constantly controlling cognizance. Clogging compassionate concerns, congesting charity. Creating cardiac calcifications, culminating capital cash currency collapse!

animated-gifs-diamonds-2.gifYES I AM: The Origianal Creative ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger. Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. And I now know how that the old outdated overused objects; opponents; as a mandated must, just gotta-go! This is the foremost first coming of; JESUSTICE CHRIYSTRIX via Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.


OK Y’ALL: Truly this means making absolutely sure, that_THEY_ can no longer live life, hereon the surface of planet Earth. There’s not a place for _ THEM_ an195herein, our whole wide world woven web!

Wexz & Usxz: love the lovable respect the respectable, like the likable, honor the honorable, so forth and so on accordingly. Otherwise we wish our opponents, to get the Devil damnation; out of our pathway and go straight to the deepest depths of; Hades hell flaming fires!!!


Anointed Artworks are Affluence = $$$

413anima%20butterfly_7.gifBUTT BUTTERFLY YES: I AM hearing all of these comments and complaints, communicated online Internet, networks, talk radio shows, hosts and guest speakers. Alternative media, with mad minded melaninated men and women. Justifiably so. Due to the devilishly demonic decisions being made by so self said: “Whites”. The imposing their ill-will upon; “Blacks” and Browns, Lights and Darks; Hue-Mains of chocolate – caramel – cream cosmetic coloration complexions. What’s up with that stuff?

Historical hatemongers, harming, habitually hurting humanity. Hostilely holding helpless humans hostages!

anima Colorful_kaleidoscopeWhile in a satanic state of demonic denial. Staying sociopath stuck stupidly sick. And Africans in America are also sick and tired and fed up with “White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!

The stealthy snakes, sneaky serpents, serving SATAN: contrive completely controlling our clinics, hospitals, medications – medical treatments, surgeries, operations. They’re already dominating our schools, children classrooms with an fat ugly wich riding broomwicked “white” witches, westernized world WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians. Criminalizing children who refuse to submit to their thug teachers treacheries and tyrannical trickeries!

Every area of learning, living life, and farming for food, livestock, overall agriculture, are Anglo-America controlled and contained. Nobody of cosmetic coloration complexions, melaninated member members, own enough fertile lands, to feed their/our own families, serve selves sufficiently. Forcing nonwhites to depend solely upon the unmerciful disgraces of Europeans in America as Angloidians.

WARFARE: Is what “Whites” have happily engaged against Africoidian Aboriginal ascendants of; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s AFRICASPORA!

amo,a%20eye.gifAlbeit_ THEY_ wrongly think that no one can force them to STOP POINT BLANK PERIOD. Butt, I’m telling_ THEM_ that their time to terrorize We’s & Us’s is Officially Over! And I AM THE ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE1!

Stop Point Blank Period

WICKED WITCHCRAFT WHITTIES: Are the sole ones who have happily created and concocted crimes and vicious violence across the USA & Africa. CauCrazians, after killing off the cleaner cultured Caucasians, came conquering countries, committing crimes against all biological bodily beings. Capturing and caging citizens cross-country. Entrapping, enslaving everybody who were living in Love Peace & Harmony, Hue-Mainly! MP3

anim man made manufactfuredTHEY_ just ran their racist course, expending energies, exhausting their Eu-Rope-an economies. In dire desperation for “genetic survival”; these thug tyrants are more dangerous, deadly, demonic and devilish, than ever before in history. Their sociopath societies are satanic, and are purposely polluting and poisoning planetary persons worldwide. Thus, their politicized pathology = psychopath prison plantation polices, are  practicing plunders and pillages; plaguing people’s public populations; all around the planet. And many nations are prepared for ARMAGEDDON Prophetic Holy World War3  + America At Guerrilla Warfare, Urban Race Riots & Civil War!!!


America At Guerrilla

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Anglo-Americanized Europeans; have caused collective couscous confusions cross-country. Perpetrated and perpetuated prison plantations for impure profits. Caused men to think that they’re women, and women to think that they’re men. Crossing the humans thinking to twist the truths, purposely producing persons who no longer know if they’re male or female, boy or girl. Thus to cause civic conflicts among school kids, classroom children and community chaos!

anima%20earth-08-june.gifTurning and twisting humanity against itself. So that societies can attack and violently assault one another, showing no mercy. Feeding on bloodshed, beastly barbaric behaviors. Being bribed, brainwashed to believe that these things are entertaining, fun and games. Normal instead of abnormal, good instead of being bad, right instead of them being wrong. And Anglo-Americans are actually the ones concocting these terrifying things, then acting as if they aren’t.

anima%20rain%20umbella.gifNevertheless, the deadly destructive damages done are permanent postmortem. The planet is polluted and poisoned and has to be PURGED. Purified of the particular persons polluting and poisoning it. Washed away with rapid rains. And that truly means multimillions of humans has to be put down and taken under!


YES; I indubitably insist; that approx. about 88% to 90% are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned, Declared Dead, Deliberated Death – Demise. CURSED!

BUTT Better Beneficially Blessed: Are approx. about 10% to 12% are actually redeemed and Divinely Delivered and Decently Deliberated.Color of skin don’t matter anymore. “Post Racism”; presently RAYZISM. Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls Saved. CURED!

anima atom


YES: “Use of the term “black” dates to the 1960s and 1970s and the civil rights movement. The Black Power movement advocated strongly for the use of “black” to replace the outdated “negro,” and many Americans of African ancestry started to embrace the term. Others preferred “Afro American,” an early blending of “African” and “American.” In the 1980s, “African American” began to see common usage, and the term quickly became very popular.”

“In favor of “African American” is the long-established custom in the United States of referring to people with ethnic ancestry as “Ethnicity American,” as in “Japanese American,” “German American,” or “Greek American.” The term is meant to recognize the African ancestry of all Americans with African heritage, whether they immigrated from Ghana last week or are descended from slaves brought to America in the 1500s. Some people prefer this usage because it includes a nod of respect to their ethnic heritage.”
Albeit, better baby born blessed, bestowed beneficially birthed, by being biologically bodily; blue-black, brown, redbone, high yellow. Nothing less than that, truly those terrestrial timetable textures, territorial tissue tones – tans – tints. Complete cosmetic coloration complexions, is an all and in all inclusive, Multiplex-RAYZIAL radiance reality!

Therefore, I have holistically unified every elemental existence, all admixtures, amalgamations as an average aggregation. Ascertaining Aboriginal Africoidians, in addition to, African-Americans, Africans in America, Afrindians, as Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

My Master Mind Melanin Messiah Mental Models, encompasses and umbrellas Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification. Having no divisions, separations, segregation, isolations; between We’s & Us’s. And those self-separatist and segregationists should Stop Point Blank Period, politically poisoning, purposely polluting, the psychology of the public people’s planetary populations. Producing pathology = propagandized personalities, problem posing psychopaths!


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BLACK Branded brothers and soulful sisters, seeks their total liberation and full fledged freedom, from so self said; “Whites”. Autonomy, separation – segregation in societies. Blackened borders between, whitened, asinine ass angry Angloidian-Americans Al Qaida operatives, Who are all against Africaness attributes; anti-African-Americans, as blackness native national Negroes = Negroidians – “Niger” (Spanishs – Latin)

The exclusive – extremist “Blacks”; are determined to have their own Nation herein, the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States Satanic Slave Ship; as it slowly or suddenly sinks!
Albeit, better beneficially bestowed blessed, BUTT, We’s & Us’s are Aboriginal Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, as actualized; blue-blacks, browns, redbones, and high yellows. The Lights & The Darks!!

an heartbutt ass-4anima%20butterfly_4.gif

Knowing how that we’re already amalgamated, aggregated, admixtures within the human bio-bodily beings, of our originating organic organisms; ORIGINAT=ORG-ONE-1!

They’re attempting to ‘Black-a-fy’; everybody of Africa ascent, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Yet as these modern day; “Black-a-Moors”; try to tell Africans in the USA; that they’re fearlessly fighting back against; “Racism White Supremacy” and “The White Terrorist Dominators”! Yes this is what they publicly proclaims and loudly say!

Nevertheless, wickedly, while making melaninated membranes members, who have Brown coloration cosmetic complexions, “all Black”; this is their hidden agenda, ulterior motives. And at the very same time projecting another radicalized racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion = The Black Supremacy Religiosity!

Adults who’re more mature in their thinking, mental thoughts, are teaching their young children, all about their sexual natures. No longer letting them learn the hard headed knocks ways, out on the city streets, slum societies and sluts sections of inner-urban areas. Middle mainstream mothers and fathers, have come to the realization, that humankind, womankind and mankind, are all spiritual + sensual + sexual bio-bodily beings!


Next notes…President Abraham Lincoln and friend Sambo….

Freedom Fighter Abolitionist Frederic Douglas says: “From East to West, from North to South, the sky is written all over, “Now or never.” Liberty won by white men would lose half its luster. “Who would be free themselves must strike the blow.” “Better even die free, than to live slaves.” This is the sentiment of every brave colored man amongst us. There are weak and cowardly men in all nations. We have them amongst us. They tell you this is the “white man’s war”; and you will be “no better off after than before the war”; that the getting of you into the army is to “sacrifice you on the first opportunity.” Believe them not; cowards themselves, they do not wish to have their cowardice shamed by your brave example. Leave them to their timidity, or to whatever motive may hold them back.”
Howsoever, Frederick Douglas, never called Alboriginal Africoidians out of our originating Mother Homeland identity; and as far as artificial appearance, and superficial surface skin, cosmetic coloration complexion. Nor used the term and negative name; “Black Man”; in his written words. He said exactly what he intended; “Colored Man”! And I say My People of Color of Africa’s ascent!
Therefore, those trying to change the true terminology, into their bogus Black-a-fiction fakery, are actually antagonist adversaries and alien agents. Attempting to glibly deceive our minds, into accepting their ‘Black Baptism’ of our original Brown bio-bodily beings, born better beneficially blessed. They intertwine truths with fraud in fact lies of leading lost loser liars! And gross distortion of radiant RAYZIAL realities!


“Union recruiting poster, 1863: Douglass’ “Men of Color to Arms” editorial was used to make several recruiting posters.” Nowhere does he write the wording; “Black Men”. So obviously this tong twisted term is not what he honestly meant!

Nevertheless, he says: “Once let the black man get upon his person the brass letter, U.S., let him get an eagle on his button, and a musket on his shoulder and bullets in his pocket, there is no power on earth that can deny that he has earned the right to citizenship.” Frederick Douglass

So then, there’re those who’re looking like they’re blue-black; butt, this does in no way mean, all of Wexz & Usxz, as ascendant Africoidian Aboriginals of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. Nor did every one of the Central – Soulth – North Americas, Native naturals namely; indigenous inhabitant Indians, Afrindians – AmeriAfrindians, Lights & Darks, come as slaves. Not necessarily as entrapped and enslaved; and in factual reality we were always free: Hue-Mainoidians of the HueMainRayz!

Feeling Full Fledged Flowing Flying Freedom of Artistic Expressions >>>>


COPOUT Coconut Cocoon Co-Conspirators: Consciously confining, and caging Africa’s ascendants; inside, some Supremacist Satanist Slavers Systems. Capturing and catching colorful citizens, with solarized surfaced skin, to entrap and to enslave, aboard their “White” Masters sinking slave ship!

YES: it’s these “Black” bandits, and ‘Black Baptist’ bogus brothers and soulless sisters, who’re working with westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians… = ‘Black Supremacy’ + “White Supremacy”; still says Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes; serving the systemic System SATAN!!!

Earth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_small

NEXT notes…
Ancient Angelic Ancestors, as early EARTHORS, are acting against all “Black” branded businesses, books-stores, colleges – schools of learning, educational institutions. Taking away all financial fundings, monetary support systems. Sabotaging State or Federal or private universities, accused of being radicalized religious “reverse racism” practitioners. Expressly, those trained psychologists and or psychiatrists, purposely pushing the politicized propaganda into the people’s public arenas; proclaiming the specific English language words: “Black Boys”. As if there’re no Brown Boys, Redbone Boys!
These tricksters, trained teachers, are attempting to use their indoctrination as equable education; in high hopes of paralleling the so self said; “Whites”. However, it is them who need to learn lessons about themselves, asking key questions, why are you constantly confining Africoidian Alboriginals and as African Americans, inside an exclusive; “Black Boys” criminalized cell, concocted by CauCrazian capitalists – colonialists – corporate crooks? Why can’t we focus our attention and concentrate on helping heal all of our boys and girls, young males + females; as People of Color of Africa’s ascent?

Earth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_net image small

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PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1; Pure Potency Power, Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena = PANORAFRICASPORA. The perfected pinnacle peak performance!

ZENEITH: A place in the timetables that there came art-working together producing positive progress, planetary populations of people of complex cosmetic coloration. They rendezvoused at this terrestrial territorial time reaching the highest achievement success, upon planet Mother EARTH!
MULTIPLEX-RAYZIALS: The Called & Chosen citizens, traveled down the long streaming Nile River Valley, reaching from the upper South continental to the lower North continental Africa. Many multitudes, multimillions melaninated membrane members, made their exploratory journeys down this wealthy waterway. With the womb of Womanhood’s witty wisdom, worthy of worship!

HARAMBEE Coat_of_arms_of_Kenya_svg


NO, never was this a per se; “Black thing”; nor a “White thing”!! It was all about heaving and networking together, for the common good of all Aboriginal Africoidians. The Lights & The Darks. Tall + short statures, terrestrial territorial tissue tones – tans – tints. Which in Africa Kenya means “Harambee” also as Africarambee. Brothers and soulful sisters, setting aside their personalized differences, divisions;inclusively, letting go of their repressive religious politics, and artfully forming, The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.

Yawls Note vs Vote: Old-school Garveyite Mr. J. Black says that there’s “a Harambee Movement” going online at their “all black radio” talk show. Yet I never heard him and his dear daughter, give honor, homage nor recognition to the inventors, innovators of the term. The true history is left our, ignored and neglected. Butt, y’all be the judges and juries, thus tune in to hear how truthful they are, or how untruthful the talk show hosts and guest speakers are?!:

Harambee interface; radio player….and website:
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA AFRICARAMBEE: Respects the copyrights of others, honestly honoring the true talents of individual persons, creative artists, originators in operational order, to compatibly combine them together. Love Peace & Harmony, humanly in one unified group of organizational cooperation. And nobody was stereotyped stigmatized socially; as “all Black”, nor did anyone think that they were better, innately, than others; who may have looked somewhat different. The collective contributions came concurrently culturally clean and completely cured of curses!


Africarambees_smallAfricarambee_neg image small

Unfortunately, after tens of thousands of years, periods passed by, gluttonous greed, got hold to the treasonous traitors, who wantonly wished to capitalize and monopolized upon The Genesis Geniuses Gifts of Grace.
Impostors + Impersonators: Politicized predatory profiteers, purposely pitches and pitted people against one another. So that they could more easily expediently exploited everybody economic energy efforts. Claim glory unto themselves, yet were phony priests, pretending to pray to their man made mythological Masters, later to be commonly called; “God” or gods. Sinister sorcery, surreptitious stealth and satanic scientists surfaces; as severe suppressors of Spiritual Sanctuaries and societies!
Fortunately, all authentically authorized Arthiest Actionaries, appointed artisans and anointed artists, employing themselves, ourselves, to counter-combat-comprehensively, the criminally corrupt capitalists, colonialists, corporate centralizing crooks! Yes, We’s & Us’s cast curses, the spells, trances taking their treacherous tails out and asinine asses underground. Officially off into the cemetery graveyards, of Divine Decreed Devil Damnation, Declared Deaths & Deliberated Demises!!!


YAHOO Blog post: 3-16-2014.

YES: Big Bully, The devilishly demonic divided dis-United States Satanic Slavers ship suddenly sinks. Racially rejected the clean cultured “Crimea secession referendum Sunday” And alleging asinine a-s-s angry Angloidians as Americans, bluffs and bullies, “illegal and readied retaliatory penalties against Russia.” Deliberately distracting the African American people of color of Africoidian Aboriginal ascent. Westernized world warlocks, warlords, werewolves, warmonger wicked witchcraft WhitTies, “while shifting sights to deterring possible military advances elsewhere in Ukraine that could inflame the crisis.” Cause capital cash currency collapse, to criminal capitalists, colonialists, corporatist crooks, corrupt crazy CauCrazian Caucasoidians! Who’re going against clean cultured CaucAsians of Asia as Russians of Russia. Reports + reveals; COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

YES: ‘The BLACK White House released real racism, radicalized rationalized reasons, aimed against Russia‘s Crimea. In “a statement that said the vote was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law.”

And I vehemently agree to disagree, seeing how that herein, the USA, hundreds of thousands and even multimillions, more melaninated membrane members, Mexicans + Africans, are arrested, unconstitutionally. Consequently charged with felonies, compelling coercive confessions, criminally convicted through virtually; all Lilly White kangaroo courts, corruptly concocted crimes and conjured up by criminal CauCrazian capitalist-colonialist – corporatist crooks.

Helplessly held human hostages in hell holes, isolation confinement, for 10 – 20 -30 – 40 years. Terrorized, tissue traumatized, tormented, tortured. By Racist White Supremacist, Slaver Satanist of Superpower Superiority. Evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicist executioners. Prosecutor politicized predatory profiteers, producing privatized prison plantations, imprisoning, entrapping – enslaving Africans in America, people of coloration cosmetic complexions, of Africa’s ascent. Doing so under illegal and unlawful asinine a-s-s angry American-Angloidians adversarial activities. In gross violation of “International Law” and of The United Nations Charters. Committing Crimes Against Mother Nature Earth’s holistic healthy HUE-MAINITY!

Therefore it is high time, ticking away right on schedule, as clockwork, Counting Down To Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War-III = 3. A blessing in surreptitious disguise to set the entrapped – enslaved captive free, unto the perfect Hue-Main-Law of liberty! Reports + reveals, COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrican ArtistCHD1.

YES: “Russia’s actions are dangerous and destabilizing,” the White House said.” And We’s & Us’s Aboriginal Africoidians in America, and as MY PEOPLE of Color of Africa’s ascent, says that their tyrannical thug terrorist; Prison Industrial Complex of CraCrazian criminality, is also, a greater demonic “destabilizing” Devil Damnation!

World War-3: Let the whole wide world woven web, now KNOW, how that these very same Satanist Slavers, Sociopath Supremacists, Sadists, Sexists, of the Governmental USA; are arresting and illegally and unlawfully, incarcerating innocent “Black” & Brown Americanized citizens. Filling private profiteering prisons up with nonwhites! Using in deceptive camouflages, exploitative expedient wicked WhitTie witchcraft ways, corrupting and contaminating, more melaninated membrane members. Eu-Rope-an evil enemy, elected and voted for, illusion of racial equality inclusion. Painting on our blackfaces and brownfaces, to hide hideous hostile hateful whitefaces! Reveals + reports, CKNWCA and Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 x Phantom-Phatom-Physicis-1.

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YES: herein, the USA, “The Black Autonomy Federation”; fearlessly fights for full fledged freedom from, “Racism White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Satanist Slavers. “administered under threats of violence and intimidation” by State & Federal US Government. And ‘The Black Militant Minded Men, Black Liberation Leaderships, demands independence and desires their own Sovereign States and Nation, hereon, the North Americas continent. Under One HueMainLaw + “International Laws”; Liberated from “The White Terrorist Dominators”, invidious – insidious institutionalized Religious RACISM. Accurately ascertained, as I have happily understood, artfully apprehended and completely comprehend!

“The United States has steadfastly supported the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine since it declared its independence in 1991, and we reject the “referendum” that took place today in the Crimean region of Ukraine,” a White House statement said.”

an195So why has these “Black Revolutionary Rebels”; not been heard loud and clear, before, all Hades hell flaming fires break loose, here at home in the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of Angloidian America? And as an Aboriginal Africoidian ascendant of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, autonomy I KNOW, is the only other option; for We’s & Us’s to be set fully “Free At Last”!!! Reveals + reports, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

[Yahoo Blog Posted News Report, ref. 3-16-2014L ]
“This referendum is contrary to Ukraine’s constitution, and the international community will not recognize the results of a poll administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law.”