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Pt1-session 1a

YES: Z-BlackRayz + z-Blac-Keys: are invisible involvements. Encompasses every existence, each element; energies, entities. Equals = executing exercising. Extraterrestrial ecologies + economies = EcoEnergystics. They travel through timetables terrestrially, transcending space and manifested material matter. Not easily assessed, accessed and accurately ascertained!

OK: What we’re doing now, is trying to understand, exactly what I AM talking about. And one will have to listen up very closely. And be attentive!

So that they may be able to appended, thus then, comprehend completely, what I’m referring to. Because, I will be giving some very specific things, that are elemental. They are basic and fundamental. And we can’t afford any longer, to get into these arguments, fussing and fighting, disputing, backbiting and bitching!

Confidently Confirmed: Everything that I’m saying today shall surely surface and show success so soon; thus tomorrow. Manifest themselves into their monetary means, dollars and cents. Those processes are occurring right now as I write and think these thoughts to myself. Wednesday, December 3, 2014…6:13 pm.
I’ve learned to appreciate my own worth within me. My values and virtues are worthy of wealth; without worry. ….
I am prepared to receive a greater glory and has ascended and accelerated and advanced anointed artworks. In which, also, I Am.
I now know that nobody can get away with wrong doings, damaging others, deceiving them into losses. I realize that honesty is the best policy, to produce pure potency powered profitability. +

Obama's 2015 State Of The Union Address Peaked At A Grade 10 Level

Detrimentally Distracted: Are all Americans, the collective citizenry, is constantly bombarded by bogus beliefs. This “Black victim” and “White cop” killers. “Black Lives Matters” meaninglessness mess. Yet it is the overall in general petty police patrols, officers offending others of our origins. They’re all militaristic mad men, trained to shoot and kill civilians – citizens herein the USA.

There’s no; “Black America or White America”; professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, The State of the Union Address, Wed. Jan. 20, 2015… 8:00pm. Period.

THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS: “Ya know, just over a decade ago, I gave a speech in Boston where I said there were no liberal America or conservative America; Black America or White America; but a United States of America!!!” Professed U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, on Tuesday, January 20, 2015… 8:00 pm CST. San Antonio, Texas. 

“ISIL” not “ISIS”;Obama proclaims: ‘We are not at war with Islam’ “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam,” Obama said during his remarks, adding later that Muslim leaders “need to do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam.” “desperate for legitimacy.” “They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam,” he said. “We must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is a lie. Nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek. They are not religious leaders. They are terrorists.”

YES: I sensibly – sanely – soundly say; that the above aforementioned paragraphs, quoted remarks, are to “divide and conquer’; the People of Color over in the so said; “Middle East”. Thus to get them warring within themselves, as they do herein the USA, with Africans ‘n America and Am-E-Ri-Cans, Afrindians – Afrasians – Amerindians, and as I am AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1. Taking away our originating identities, then blatantly branding bogus “Black Codes”, dehumanizing human bio-bodily beings. Radicalized “racist” religions, raided – robbed – rape rare rich royalties – reaped rendered resources. A strategy to has historically worked well, is always, being repeated.

The tyrannical thugs and terrorists, are also, “White Supremacists” = “The White Terrorist Dominators” of “Racism White Supremacy”. And in ancient ancestral Africa, it was, “Black Supremacy”; yet not called it.

Those deep down dark superficial skinned societies, thought that they were Superiors & Supreme, gods and goddesses, ruling over others of a middle Brown toned – tanned tissues. Invading territories that belong to different and diverse tribes – clans – families. Centralizing citizens into what now is termed; civilizations. Butt, they all fatally fail! ..

ChristLikelyen vs Christian =+ The Ancient Ancestry Africa Africoid Authorized Authentic Artistry's Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How by  Son of SUNGOD Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = ChristHorusHeartDivinity = UniverseManDiety via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Mother Matriarch Madam Maat.

ChriystLikelyen Jesustian_color

I profess that all three traditional – conventional, major mainstream faiths, are historical “racist” radicalized religions. Baring none! It’s all written well and is documented on record, how hateful, hostile, hideously hurtful and harmful, falsified Christians Church Christianity, Catholic Caucasian criminals. The Jewish – Jews Judaism are terrorists too today, Including, Islam – Islamic Muslims – Muhammadans, militant men. Repressive – regressive religiosity. And those deny these truths, poses politicized problems! ref. ] ReaLivison vs Religion!!

ChriystLikelyen Jesustian._neg image pg

Constantly corrupting and contaminating the conscious thinking and minds of those calling themselves praying to “God”. ‘The Lord & Savior’ “Jesus Christ”. “Allah”; “Jehovah”. Yet they never hear a Devil Damned word they say, nor openly profess and pray. Basically because they never truly ever existed!

“RACISM” & TERRORISM: Are one in the same, synonymous similar to the terrorist tyrants, Sociopath Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Simply said: “White Supremacist – Sadists – Sexists – Satanists!!!

CKNWCA: Defines what a terroristic threat is to We’s & Us’s. And do not need to wait on Euro-Anglo-Americans, to decide what realities means in our view. Some say that we have to change our language and I say that the twisted terminology, that far too many of us often use, is self-destructive and detrimental to telling the total truths 100%+. Therefore, that true change starts within us, from on the inside of our operating minds. And nothing outside of our bright brilliant brains!



NO: I’ve always stated with very strong emphasis, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: is not the place for you. Go somewhere else, with you chaos and confusion. Basically because, everybody else, who wants to learn, something more than what they think they already know, don’t want you to interfere with that learning. And these lessons are, being given to y’all, mostly at the Spiritious moment!

You know, spontaneous. Because what I’m doing is, allowing that deeper inner Cosmic CREATOR, communicate with me consciously. OK? Therefore, I will follow that particular lead. Because it is shedding a certain type of light ray. To my con-science, OK, and I’m bringing it up into awareness, then speaking it out verbally, and orally. OK, and audibly so you can hear me. So listen up and pay close attention.

Lets say some simply samples; For instance, you buy-now, paid for purchase of a $10 digital design download. At the pixel size and format stated at PayLoadz via PayPal. 
Now next, you decide to invest more money into increasing the size of the file format ipeg. Enlarging the digital design into life size museum quality artwork. Professionally photo-printed – production. Estimated cost of $50 more or less. 
That’s approx. about $60 total investment interest. After which, you market and sell that artwork at a higher profitable price of $110 upwards. Not at downwards Walmart lower scale prices; butt better beneficially, at upscale prices = $$$

You’ve reaped returns of $50 = 50%. royal richness = $$$. Then think about compounding your money making method. Doing it again repeatedly, receiving reciprocating returns. Basic building blocks, bigger banking bucks = booty and bounty!!

Howsoever, happy you are in business for yourself, as an enterprising entrepreneur, entertain this truth too. You are to share approx. about 10% to 12% of your (monthly) monetary profits, with COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;

You’re a rapid running Raceryst; overrunning and overriding, the Tax Collector. Never trying to cheat, evade paying your fair share of the taxes, Federal and or State (Internal Revenue Service).

Then, everybody is handsomely happy – humored and holistically healthy. While you are making all of the money you will ever need, in human life, so why worry about the costs for doing better beneficially blessed business?!

You & I are jumping – leaping – huddling far above the high rising costs of living expenses. We have no time to waste pussy footing around, leisure lazy lolly-gagging and diddy-bopping and hot-dogging. Turning timetables are of the essential economic essence!

Co- creating compounded capital cash currency, cosmic creative chemistry, concurrent connected circuitry.

SolarSun1_neg image

Now next I will spell The BlackRays out in my Afrionics, extended English language lettering. Capital Z-BLACKRAYZ or you can put an S there. Next capital Z-Blac-Keyz, or S = keys. And we have said that they are all invisible energies. [ref. AFRIONICS:]

Captivating Cosmic Creative Chemistry: Constituting cosmic CyberSpaceAge actualization. Having no beginning nor any ending. Essential elements of the Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And when compressed, condensed, consolidated,  Z-BlackRayz  appears to look boldly black, casting an optical illusion, and psychologically perceived delusion of the mind. Howsoever, this means, that they are not necessarily opaque; BUTT beauteously, are transparent thus translucent




Surely y’all have heard of what scientists say are microwaves, wavelengths; inclusively, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays. Also commonly called columns of light as from sunbeams-beacons, sunshine, sunlight, starlight.

The Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, results from radiation rays emanating, emitting from SOLAR SUNGODD.

BlacKlans Black-Land Desert Sands Sunshine STATUTE Settlement segregated – separatist society!
YES: “Black America” is being broadcast by “The Traditional Black College”; Blackologists.  During the football game between:  Grambling? State vs Southern University; today, Saturday, November, 29, 2014.

What they have done or trying to do, is gather together a blackface bunch of blatantly bad black bandits. The very same ones who wantonly wish to become wealthy, filthy rich, off of Hip Hop Gangster Rap; instead of Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP!! 
Popularized and prominent movie stars, “Black Americans” vs African Americans, looking like those terming themselves; “Black People” vs People of Color of Africa’s ascent.

So then, I inform y’all that this is only going to pose political problems, just like it has historically. Due to some Negroes & Coloreds, never learning leadership lessons, from our recent past.

No, it wasn’t; per se, The Black Panther Party, a beautiful wild animal; causing confusion and civic chaos. Butt, those who corrupted and perverted them into some stupefying; “Black Power” movement. In which, co-created an Afro-American offensive; attacking and assaulting everybody and everything terming themselves; of a “Black Race” vs a “White Race”!!

Therefore, it is predictable, what will and can and is happening in reply – response – reaction, to those treacherous tricksters, terming things trying to: “Bring Black Back”!
Moreover, as usual, the commonly called Caucasian citizenry, “White Jews”; are going to send supreme superior support, to those  thought to be; African-Americans, Africans in America, so forth and so on accordingly!

Giving grants and pledges and promises, to Organizations; The NAACP; NUL, SCLC, Rainbow Push+. Inclusively, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and anybody else recognized as a Civil Rights Group; as African-Americans and or Afro-Americans!!
Valiant Vanguard: They’re the exact same politicians, elected into local offices as Public Servants. Constantly telling them, “that’s too black”! We don’t have any funding – finances for “blacks”. Only benefits for minorities of color. Likewise, melaninated membrane members, who are always acting against anyone, anybody, advocating, a “Black business”; “Black Agenda”; “Black Community”; “Black Money”; etc., etc. etc.
Next, after their “Black Liberation Movement” fatally fail, fall again on their blackened faces; then, they’ll continue crying, castigating and crucially criticizing the Winners & Victors, as sellout Samboes and Uncle Toms (agents) and or COINTEL-PRO!!
I KNOW, now today, that Afro-African-Americans, persons of cosmetic coloration complexions, Light and Dark superficial surface skin, are absolutely not going to spend a single penny nor U.S. Dollar bill, on supporting, sustaining such stupid stuff as; “Traditional Black Colleges”. It just ain’t gonna happen!

They don’t like Hip Hop, nor Gaming Guilty Gamblers Gutsy Gutter Ghetto Grownup Gangster Rappers! Nor do they want their kids, to participate, attend any concerts, gatherings; where the wild ass animals, form their jungle jukebox black branding. An art form that has become an artless deformed – degenerate genre, satanic style of musical song of sociopath slaves. You name your favorite stooge star-slavers!

After all, they sexually perverted our young girls, turned them into f…king female freaks for foolish fun and for finances – fame and fortunes =$$$. Concocted the concept; “Hoes”; harlot whores who’re worst, than the regular prostitutes; nightclub – street walkers, and hotel call-girls. Now today they want off of the self-hatred hooks? Hades hell NO!
Now next negative namely Nationalist ‘Niggerization”. Of all Aboriginal Africoidians of the USA. Literally expressed, ‘Niggers’; not Negroes. A wording that I’ve avoided using, until today; Saturday, November, 29, 2014,.. 6:39 pm.
Howsoever, I feel it has come time to tell this truth totally 100%+. A ‘Nigger’ is a ‘Nigger’; “Black” or “White”; regardless of the color of their skin, Ethnicity or “Race” or “Racial Group” or Other!!

And also, as my dearly loved mother once said, back in the mid-1960s; “A Nigger can be any color”; She said: “I’m not a black woman… I’m a  Colored Lady… I am a Colored Woman…! 
Yawls can see with crystal clear clarity, We’s & Us’s are of diverse-different tribes – family clans!
BLAKLANZ; Backwards blackened beliefs, bastardized black bitchcraft. And ya can’t tell them nothing that they don’t want to hear. Even if biology and any serious sciences say so, they choose not to listen and learn leadership lessons. And insist on misleading naïve and gullible nonwhites; whosoever, they might be?! That’s ‘a nigger for ya’! No, not at all did I say, “Nigga”!!
Consequently, since some insist, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, that any “Black” Human bio-bodily being ever existed. And do whatsoever, I can to help them separate – segregate and isolate into those terming themselves; “Black Americans” as opposed to African Americans!!
Thereby, giving or granting them their “Black Land”; wheresoever, that is or shall be? On the North American continent; perhaps? Or maybe on some remove island? Butt, I’ll have a better blessing; ‘Come Follow Me’…>>>
We will surely find out how many melaninated membrane members, consider themselves, a  minority or a majority? Those who know their truest identities, nationalities; instead of accepting some Sociopath Satanic Slavers, definitions; describe who they truly are: as Africans and Americans, Afrindians, Afrasians, Am-e-ri-cans, Amerindians and all I am; AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1
Publicity Stunts: Are what these pretentious super-star Hip Hop Rappers, contrive carrying on, and plotting out an Evil Conspiracy, to capture – captivate more captives to spend their hard earned money to come see and hear them talk about being; “Blacks” herein, the United States of America. Surreptitiously using as a black-smokescreen and “Traditional Black College” funds subterfuge. Expertly – expediently exploiting everyone else.
Materialistic Money making monsters. Meaningless misleading and mindless misguiding My Melanin Membrane Minority & Majority Members!!
Black Bullseye: One thing US History & Afrian Holistory Heritage Health, incorrectly identified as; “Black History”; should have taught Wexz & Usxz. Never again attempt and try to politically put – place all of our eggs into one basket, some single stereotyped stigmatizing situation – saying or salutation. Without dimensional diversity; variety; then these tyrants can easily target and aim at a de-Africanized, dehumanized NEST EGG!!!
Bad beliefs leads to bad investments. There’s no money made by being branded “Blacks” = half-Humanoidians. (three3 fiths5) Only Healthy Holistic Humans has humored and happy happenings vs. hatefully held human hostages inside internalized Hades Hell holes!
The Hip Hop Gangster Rappers, made devilishly demonic dirty money. The type we don’t need to get ourselves involved with wickedly willed wealth and or raping robbers riches = $$$
They systemically and systemically stole spirituality, solar sexus souls;  from People of Color of Africa’s & America’s ancestry ascent. Replacing Spiritious Soul Music with Soulless sisters and soulless songs!

Individualistic: In which self serving cases, capital cash currency collections; Africans in America, becomes corrupt and criminal in their cosmic con-science, conscious character, cognizant contextual contents!
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; comes completely cultured, consummately correct as a curative commission calling cause. Strategically started from scratch, at the bottom of the totem pole, the Profitability Pyramid; the last one in the long-standing line, yet never a lost loser leader! And it is wisely well written:  ‘The stone that the builders rejected, is now become the chief corner stone and head of the corner.’ “It is marvelous in our eyes.”
RALIGION vs Religion: This is how We’s & Us’s are generating our originating Worldwide Wealth. ‘Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us’; We love ourselves, so it is easy; ‘to love our close and distant neighbors, as we’ve learned how to love ourselves.’ TO LOVE THY SELF!!!

Black-Land: could be out in the Hellish hot- heated desert, as Societal Sunshine Sand Settlements. Seeing how happy those terming themselves; “Blacks”; can tolerate arid living conditions, supposedly better than basic brown bio-bodily beings; cosmetic coloration complexions, Especially, deal with the hottest HEATXZ SOLARSUN shine, than the pearly pink pigmented ‘pale faces’; whiteface westerners with whitewash!
Out there they can cultivate colorful crops vs chop cotton. Create channels for fresh well water irrigation, river reservoirs, and drill deep wells tapping into underground aquifers. Purified right from Mother Nature Earth. (Or even strike crude oil; then build refineries?!) How about discovering a gold mine?
U.S. Federal Government Set-Aside, Profitability Preserve – Preservation vs Reserve – Reservation. These co-creative concepts can clear up this “racist” or “racial” repression and regression!!
Although, “The Black Americans”; self-identified; have to use their own resources – riches, (Gross National Product) to develop their gainful grassroots green growths. No State and Federal financial funding, or grants nor reparations!
Will these treacherous trickster Rappers put some millions of U.S. Dollars up front, where their big blasting motor mouths are?
Then they can truly have their nonexistent; “Black Community”; police patrols, City Councils, Mayor – Governor; or whosoever, y’all want to term them. Appointed and or elected – noted or voted for Officials No Caucasoid CauCrazian cops!       
TAX FREE: The Black-Lands Dessert Sands Sunshine Settlements; shall surely sell some sane – sound – sensible stuffs. Self-segregated – separated society. They could turn these dry sandy soils, into a perfected paradise of pure potency profitability production. Proving that they’re “The Blacks”; who built, Africa, Egypt + Kemet = KemEgypt’s ancient pyramids at Giza  Butt, I now know that they were Native Negroidians & Aboriginal Africoidians, advancing and ascending and availing; All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora!

Deserts are demanded, and never near any National Forests; where The BlacKlans; “Black Families”, can be burnt out, by intentionally set-started ferocious forest fires!
No ridiculous “forty acres and a mule” mentality. I’m talkin’ bout, miles of under-developed deserted sandy soulful soil lands. Even the predatory pests, buzzards – vultures have all left. The cactus grew two legs and ran away; due to it being so devil damned hot. The BlacKlans are to buy their own ‘John Deere’ tractors and hookups; trailer trucks, distribution devices. All those talking tough, about; “Black Power”; “Black Liberation”; “Black Money”; “Black Autonomy”; “Black Supremacy” can put up or shut up!
Thus then, Dr. Claude Anderson should surely invest first; if he really believes in his book black branded: “Powernomics”! He essentially said that anybody caught raping their female folks and or selling illegal – elicit drugs and deadly dope, are to be lynched, hung by their necks, or completely cut them off and display them upon top of a totem pole; inside a public square. Or something to these terrifying tactics, terrorist thoughts – twisted thinking!!

Cooperative “Conscious Community” co-creativity. Ingenuity and innate – intrinsic – inborn – indwelling intellectual intelligence. Prerequisites in order to accomplish and achieve super-star sunshine success!
Likewise, they can have their thought to be; “Black Wall Street”; in which, was really; “Negro Wall Street”; that were destroyed by “Racism White Supremacy”; “The White Terrorist Dominators”!! (Dr. K. Kambon & Dr. F. C. Welsing 2014)
THE BLACKRAYZ Wealth Wall Street Stock Shares, Sciessence System = Spirit Source Science System. Systemic Sovereign Societies, Statutes Seeking Supreme Superior Server Savior SOLARSUN
Howsoever, The BlacKlanologists, I’ve imagined, envisioned; are armed with military machine might. Armored vehicles, donated by The United Nations & International Community!!

Absolutely never to be involved with, associated – affiliated with religious radicals, those termed terrorists; “ISIL”; “Black Muslims” Mohammedans and of The Nation of Islam. Orthodox or not!
Seeing how a significant number of Africans ‘n America, alleged and assumed as; “Black Americans”; went before the UN Councils – Conferences – Commissions-Charters – Courts, filing Human Rights Violations against the States & US Federal Government. Prisoners of Color being tormented – tortured – tender tissues traumatized – terrorized!

Construct The BlacKlanz airfields and runways, so that the UN can fly in cargo planes and equipment and more military machinery. ‘A Humanitarian Mission’. Donating dump-trucks, cement trucks, technologies, computers communications commands, airspace satellites stations-systems. Desert dwellers divinely decreed deliberated defenses. So Sunshine Sands Settlements Society = single separatist segregationist Statute, are able to defend and protect what is rightfully and humanly their own operations organizations!!!
Occupyneers vs Occupiers; Of our Original USAA+ PROMISED LANDS. = The Unified Statutes of America + Africa. An ancient ancestral affluence + appointed anointed artistry-authentic ancestry!                                   
The Native Natural Nationalized NATINDIANS Hue-Main-Rights, to police patrol any terrestrial-territories termed; Salvation’s Saved STATUTES vs. Supremacist Slaved States!!!
The Statutory Law-Legal Legislation; mean military styled weaponry, of any and all tactical types. Infrared – Nancy Gear, Sonar systems, bullet proof body vests and head protective helmets; tear-gas masks. Inclusively, tasers, stung-guns, shock-shields!
Everything and types of warfare weaponry, that The White Ku Klux Klan killers have, on a Federalized and States level. We now know their inventory, overexposed, from watching the ‘Occupy Wall Street ‘ standoffs. And recent riot reactionary “Delta-Forces”; National Guards and prejudiced patty predatory petty police precincts, coming together to try and afflict = attack and assault; the mental thinking of St. Louis, Ferguson, Missouri respected residents.
How militaristic were the local police forces. We also saw what types of uniforms, combat gear they wore and were carrying around arrogantly, ego-tripping, herein, the inner-city urban areas of the USA!
JESUSTICE1 Justice Judgment: Moreover, each and every singled SAVED SOLARSUN STATUTE, has legal jurisdiction, to come inside other Solitary Statutes, to fight against any advancing angry Aryan-Anglo-America’s antagonist adversaries and alien agencies!

Likewise, can lawfully, if invited, ally themselves with; The clean cultured CaucAsian citizens, who’re Wealthy “Whites” vs westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTies. Yes; decent Good Great Whitish Hope Abolitionist; minded men and women. Helping heal humanity-humankind and abolish slavery, human trafficking, mass incarceration of We’s & Us’s. By the USA’S Predatory Police, Profiteers Privatized Plantations + Prison Industrial Complex!!!
Righteously Revealed + Reported: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA;

ByREBECCA KAPLANCBS NEWSDecember 1, 2014, 6:34 PM

“Obama on Ferguson follow-up: “This time will be different”

As his administration searches for ways to strengthen trust between police and the communities they protect around the country in the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting and protests, President Obama pledged that this particular endeavor will be “different.”

“The president of the United States is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different,” Mr. Obama said. “When I hear the young people around this table talk about their experiences, it violates my belief in what America can be to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful, even after they’ve done everything right. That’s not who we are.”

“When any part of the American family does not feel like it is being treated fairly, that’s a problem for all of us; it’s not just a problem for some. It’s not just a problem for a particular community or a particular demographic– it means that we are not as strong as a country as we can be. And when applied to the criminal justice system, it means we’re not as effective in fighting crime as we could be,” he said. “This is not a problem simply of Ferguson, Missouri, this is a problem that is national. It is a solvable problem, but it is one that unfortunately spikes after one event and then fades into the background until something else happens.”

Earlier in the day, the president announced he would be signing an executive order to standardize the way the federal government distributes military-style equipment to police forces, the result of a review that was triggered by the heavily armed law enforcement presence that responded to protests in Ferguson after unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. The administration will be seeking better federal oversight, transparency and auditing of the programs that provide military equipment to local law enforcement agencies and is also proposing to invest $75 million for the purchase of 50,000 body cameras for police officers.


The primary principal perspectives, optical view point of real-live vision of the seeing eyes of living creatures, animals, and human bodily biological-beings. Yet Z-BlackRays very essence, permeates, penetrates and transcends all atoms, atomic activities as Arthiest Actionaries.

anima%20dollar_3.gifYes, as one looks up and out into the darkest night heavenly skies, the vast ocean seas of blackness, then, these are Z-BlackRays. And SUNGODD’S solarized energy entities, Eco-Energystics, Equals: Everlasting Leading Lords Love Life Light Locks.

Likewise, We’s & Us’s are Z-Blac-Keys by which the eyes opens up the closed, locked doors of multi-dimensional domains. Ya see, we have these three point perspectives. Butt actually there’re many more dimensions; than what we can see; calculate or even think of. OK?

This is including the pineal gland, 4th configured eye. They call it the 3rd eyes, butt, I don’t. Because, the 1st eye, is that SUNGODD. The optical eye that’s in the crystal blue sky. That’s number ONE!

Then you would normally have as a human being would have a left and a right eye. That’s a sensory receptor. In other words we receive certain rays; in through that way. Now in the center to that, there is something that is called the pineal gland. And that’s the 4th dimension, from my artistic view. OK, the way I have intuitively and instinctively acknowledged. 

I AM The True-Up Artist: Using my Universal, Inner-Versal, RealiVision. In other words I go down deep inside of myself, with confidence and complete courage. And I seek out these REAL-LIVE-VISIONS. Butt, I have to mine them up. And that take a considerable amount of effort and energy!

And you’ll have to be strong willed. You’ll have to be in physical shape. And psychologically sound condition. Because you’ll have to be persistent, and determined, to come all the way back up to the surface, to what they call  the conscious. To reveal the evidence and proof!

And I do that through my artwork. And as you go to my Website domain, you’ll see at various blogs, these, rare rich royal resources. They are exhibits, species – specimens, that I name to be, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

And this comes about through the, Infinite Intellectual Intelligent, Immaculate Imagination. Breaking it all the way back down to the grassroots level. Ya know what I’m talking about, it starts with the ground. The VegePlanTerRain, I planted those seeds of thought, inside of myself. Because I AM, a co-creator, In fact The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian; anointed and appointed!

OK, so I can do these things, it’s my job, it’s my career calling cause. I’m qualified, I was conceived as a true artist. I didn’t have to try to be. No college degrees could make me, who I came into a living art form from the very beginning. I AM THAT I AM!

WHO ARE YOU? You shall be the one to determine that. Butt, this is my-story. And this is another part of our-story. And I’m telling it in a Holistory; what they call history. And let my tell you this that I know, about, intuitively and instinctively and Spiritiously. Z-BLACKRAYZ, are the ultimate, universal, organizational order! [OMNEPRESENT ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1]

OK, and I want you to know that. So, yawls hang in there with me, hang in there with yourselves. Because, I’m going to cause you to think; so incredibly deep and heavy; baby. What’s up top, of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid. Because, that’s where we’re going!

We are not going backwards, or descending, or receding or regressing. We are accelerating, as Africa’s Africoidian ascendants. Hello y’all, stay in tune and in touch for the next session. Thank you very kindly from the Kindhearted Kinky KING, of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

Allowing living organisms to sense, see and perceive of the truest Native Nature of All Mighty Divine Grace.

Z-BlackRayz Blac-Keys _small

Insight & Foresight: Saying sanely – soundly – sensibly speculate, calmly-cautiously-carefully calculate, ecologically estimate and affluently anticipate. Talented timetables are though things, truly testing and testifying to time!
Now is the time to get in on the real; Rare richness royalties deal; Before it is safely securely seeking seal; Making more meaningful multimillionaires money meal; All aboard CKNWCA today to teal – till; An exciting exhibition exploration thrill; Taking no  poisonous pharmaceutical prescript pill, For future freedom finances faithfully fulfill.__
This is no gutsy gambling game; ‘Thy Kingdom Come” as clearly came;  You have nobody other than yourself to blame;  For failing to faithfully follow fortunes fame; Now nationalized native name; Nothing negative or positive remain the same; Pay form the posted pictures along with their fitted frame.__
There’s no stacked deck; What the Hades hell heck;  100% Principal Protection guaranteed tech; No need to hang a noose around your neck; Playing around with the shyster snake pits poisonous peck;  Wisely withstand wealth’s wrathful weather wreck.__

Crystal clear conscious cognizant clarity; Compounding compassionate charity;  Producing primary principal protective parity.__ 

As the U.S. Dollar decline in true values and virtues, and worth, compounded by the over all general inflation. A high rising ratio-rate return on investment interests; implosion. Eating up all of your life’s savings! This is the negative nature of the barbaric behaving beasts, big boys banking bullies. They beat you down to the dirty ditches in financial defeat!
Wiping out an entire middle class category of collective citizens. Picking them off one by one, in separate societal sections, isolated groups. So as not to panic the human herds, causing a stamped, rebellious riots and civil war!
These are the losers, so sophisticatedly silenced, slowing and suddenly sunken, successfully subdued. Some so embarrassed and humiliated to death’ committing suicides; or even homicides of inhumane hate!
Therefore, I’ve consciously chose; not to and never try playing their gutsy gambling games. Butt better blessed by, co-creating CK-NWCA’S clean cultured conditions; so that caring and compassionate citizens can cumulated cleanly cultivated capital cash currency.
Thus to truly saving money, completely cut off extra- excessive spending, buying and consuming far too much food. As the cost and prices goes up, I come down back to the greens grassroots grounds gainful growths = gallantry’s gratitude, gracious gifts.

NOW KNOW: How that a number of We’s & Us’s, as African Americans, Aboriginal Africoidians, are religiously and politically calling themselves; “Blacks” of a “Black Race”! As opposed to; inclusively, being bio-bodily born Brown, Redbone and High Yellow. Organically on our optical solarized superfical surface skin. Which is a term taken from the old-school state of plantation prison politics. And also coming corruptly by radicalized religious racists = renegade rouge Reptilian Race, racism. A Spanish wording meaning the color black = Negro_Negroidian, and in Latin language = “Niger”! Yes the N..word!

butt ass-3BUTT ‘Blackness vs Whiteness’: Means nothing to true values. Having no healthy human healing help or humane Holistory Heritage Health. And was conjured up, concocted by criminal CauCrazians vs. Caucasians = clean cultured Caucasoidians vs. unclean uncultured CaucAsian citizens!!

Hand me down, passed on from generation to the next degeneration of offspring, kids + procreated progeny. Consciously corrupting and conceptually criminalizing children of cosmetic coloration complexions. Taught to hate one’s self sexuallysensually + spiritually, so sad and sickening. Due to the tissue tormenting – torturing terrorists, teaching these treacheries!

SANELY SHIFTING SOUND SENSIBILITIES: I have happily replaced, restored, refreshed, reinstated, re-installed, the Rare Rich Royalties + Righteous Resources. Reverberating – resounding resonance + RA’S Rayzial radiance of The Blac-Keys and of The BlackRays vs “The Black Race”!!

Rare1 Rich2 Royalty3:

anima%20colorful_kaleidoscope.gifRAYZ vs. RACE: Trump card color codes = cosmic creative chemistry, overcoming corrupted contrivance, clandestine concealed conspiracies. Seeing how some severely sinister, seriously sick; Slaver Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Satanists = Sadists – Sexists, have raped and robbed and raided royal richness of AMEN-RA-LIGION. Western world WhitTie witchcraft wickedness; while deliberately denigrating – degrading – devaluing – demoting; the color black. Asinine ass angry Americanized Angloidians, act as if it pertains; exclusively, to people’s pigmentation; of Africa’s ascension. What’s up with their traumatizing terrorism?

MAATRIX MASTER1_coloration

Butt SHE, Matriarch Madam MOTHER MAATRIX, made mankind + womankind = humankind. Via our Omniprent ORIGNAT-ORG-ONE-1Composed, condensed, compressed center carbon core creation cradle, ColorComPlexTrix.

I’ve courageously counter combated CauCrazians competitively. And We’s & Us’s need no longer follow faithfully, foolish fraud in fact lies of leading lost loser liars!

Z-BLACKRAYZ RAPP; Radio rhythmic rhymes; Talented tunes tones tints truly times; CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots meta-music played from the HipP & LapP.

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The Transgressors Trance + Spell + Concurrent Curse: Their mesmerized mindsets, may mean well, with good intentions; butt, basically blatantly bad! For examples and instances: I can tell myself how I hate the color blue, and only love the color red. Put myself inside insane states of mind, that become pathological and perhaps, psychotic?!
Likewise, I can easily become extremely hateful towards; so self said; “Whites”; basically because they have historically hated, who they initially identified me as being bio-bodily “Black”!

So then, in my attempt to try getting completely free from the dislikes of them all, the very same senseless; black branding, I try to use as a viable weapon of warfare, back against these “Whites” who invented its identity as “Blacks”!

This faulty founded weaponry; always backfires in blackfaces, when shot at whitefaces. Until one breaks free from the terms that defines and confines them, they will remain racially repressed, and wrongly thinking thoughts that tells them to be a “Black Race”; who always will be opposing an alleged and assumed; “White Race”!!

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