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Angloidian-Americanized Europeans; have caused collective conscious confusions cross-country. Perpetrated and perpetuated prison plantations for impure profits. Causing men to think that they’re women, and women to think that they’re men. Crissrossing the anim vibrant designhumans thinking to twist the truths, purposely producing persons who no longer know if they’re male or female, boy or girl. Thus to cause civic conflicts among school kids, classroom children and community chaos!

0BUTT: Beauty is being brought back bountiful, through COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. “For Thine Is The Kingdom”; “Thy Kingdom Come” completely cultured clean. Maturely materialized mastermind melanin messiah mental models. No more meaningless asinine ass agtagonist adversaries and alien agencies acting against Africoidian Aboriginals; and affluent artistic attributes!

THE DARKS & THE LIGHTS: Are authenticated and authorized; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendants.

Talented tissue tones, tans, tints truly tells the total terrestrials territorial truths 100%+ Pure Potency Phantom-Physics-1.

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codesDarkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image

And y’all are now knowing for sure, that where so ever these criminal CauCrazians kills off commonly called CaucAsians, then they go on criminal conquests. To live and migrate – immigrate or invade other people’s lands. Bringing with them, terrorism, tortures, torments, tissue traumas, and here again, civilian chaotic conditions!

Turning and twisting humanity against itself. So that societies can attack and violently assault one another, showing no mercy. Feeding on bloodshed, beastly barbaric behaviors. Being bribed, brainwashed to animated-flower-bg-1believe that these things are entertaining, fun and games. TV terrorism! Named normal instead of abnormal, good instead of being bad, right instead of them being wrong. And Anglo-Americans are actually the ones guilty. And everybody else of darkish melanination, skin shades; are caught in between these historical haters, humans held hostages.  Entrapped and enslaved by religious racists.!

Culpable capitalist criminals, crazy CauCrazians concocting corrosive cellular cancers, thus to then terrorizetender tissues, with chemical corruptions, clinical chemo-therapy terrorism. Testing these thuggish, tyrannical terrifying things, then acting as if they aren’t!

Nevertheless, the deadly destructive damages done are permanent postmortem. The planet is polluted and poisoned and has to be PURGED. via PHANTOM-PHYSICS. Plus + Purified of the particular persons polluting and poisoning it. And that truly means multimillions of humans has to be put down and taken under!

anima-pulsating-lightYES; I indubitably insist; that approx. about 88% to 90% are Divinely Decreed Devil Damned, Declared Dead, Deliberated Death – Demise. CURSED!

And approx. about 10% to 12% are actually redeemed and Divinely Delivered and Decently Deliberated. Better bestowed blessed! CURED!

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YES: evil energy enities, existing and acting as antagonists, adversaries, alien agencies. Now ya’ll listen to me very closely, pay attention. Know that these things are tricky, elusive energies, executing entities, exhibiting enmities, evil envies. And I’ll identify them as being ani twisting_skulls_11esoteric extraterrestrials, of the Etherealm that Be, butt, are wavelengths, vibration frequencies moving at a lower ratio-rate!

Further still, we as individual persons, also, operate on various vibration frequencies. And they may at times line up with or align themselves, with wavelengths, we’re vibrating on in oppostion. And this can cause circuitry combustion, conscious conflicts, confusing cosmic chemistry. Those that co-create cancerous cell conditions; causing clogging cardiac circulation. And those citizens taught to trust the terrorizing treatments, technically trained teachers, hospital – clinical  nurses – doctors – physicians, are allowing themselves to become deceived to death!

 Sciessence_colorSciessence_color neg image

They’re unwittingly undermining understanding. taking themselves down and underground grassroots ground graveyards, cemetery 3df43-animrainbowspincessations. The lower ratio rates robbing, raiding – raping the higher ratio-rates. Subtracting Spiritious or spiritual sustenance, sucking substances, from such; Spirit Sources Science System’s Systemic Sovereign Sciessence Systream!

 Ecoenergystics_colorEcoEnergystics_color-neg image

Therefore, we are to counter-combat-competitively, these sinister sensations, satanic sciences. And to successfully do these feats, we’re enhancing, elevating, excelling ecological, economical, Eco-Energystics!!

Executing existing evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans, eugenicists. Into elimination, extermination and extinction!

DeiTrix DieTrix_colorDeiTrix DieTrix_neg image

DIETRIX + DEITRIX: Doing dietary deliverance, divinely decreed dinner dishes, delights, deserts. And I have my mastermind melanin messiah mental models. More meaningful meals, magmatized methods, and magical miracle makers, militarized mechanisms. Operational organizational order, optimized objectives, our oscillating organic organisms, officially Originat-Org-One!

Yawls simply click on this link, to read exactly what I am talking all about: Vivid Vibrant Vital VegePlanTerRain: and

an electricit-14Electrical energies, existing in a neutron or neutral like state; not good nor bad, negative or positive. Only when they effect themselves, these Esoteric Extraterrestrial energy entities electrifies existences. They might harm or hurt humans, who’re receptive to them; as evil elements. Due to deficient diets, delivering devilishly demonic decisions, dysfunctions, degenerations, doing destructive damage = defective dimensions.

The wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker Caucrazians, colonialists – corporatists – capitalist corrupted crooks, constantly causes criminalities, confusion and conflicts and civic chaos. Their “Racism White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, seriously serves System SATAN!

ani alien-face-6BTV & RADIO: Owned and ran by these thug terrorists, treacherous tyrants, evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicists, are purposely programming persons perspectives, polluting – poisoning people’s psychologies!

Their terrifying tactics, twists and turns truths into untruths; Howsoever, their trickeries and treacheries, are tuning in against them terrestrially. Their evilness and wickedness, has been returned to them truthfully!

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SUPER BOWL 48 Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos: The Melanin Messiah Brown & Black male Russell Wilson vs. the Great White Hope Peyton Manning!!

Interestingly enough; The European Anglo-American male, lost big time. He was made to look like a little boy, on the Professional Football field of play – performance. And all of the TV media hype about the ‘White” male image of God”; has been knocked down decisively. With a game score of 43 Seattle and 8 for the Broncos!!*:-O surprise
The Decent Good Great “White” Holy Abolitionist minded men and women; can’t loose, while with brave-bold Blue-Black-Brown men and women on their side, on their teams, in their businesses and managing their cooperative corporations cross-country!
Howsoever, on the other sick side of the under-handed haters, the Indecent Bad “White” males, can’t win anymore, without the full fledged fortifications of African men in Americas US. There is a Spiritualized Shift, From sinister satanic sources to a sanitary sane – sound – sensible situation. The tides twists all around doing a  U-Turn True-Up!
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*:)) laughing Richard Sherman, the great defensive back for the Seattle Seahawks, never placed his arm and hand over his heart, during the singing or playing of the Star Spangle Banner, National Anthem. And also, other African American “Black” & Brown Pro players; declined to play patriotic politics, during these racist religious ceremonies, CauCrazian country customs!*:-$ don't tell anyone shh!
These holdouts are smart, consciously cognizant, aware of Anglo-America’s anti-Africoidian activities, and always against Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians and Aboriginals of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascension!
AN HONORABL SALUTE: To those self-loving, self-knowing Africans in America as athletes, who refuse to act like they love “Whites” so Devil Damned much.*>:) devil Emotionally attached to Anglo-American antics. As Ms Queen Latifah, actress acting all happy Honky dory with singing the USA’s patriotic song, “America The Beautiful” backed up by virtually, an all “Lilly White” choir; as if our own African American female choirs can’t sing and play music well. When will we; as A PEOPLE, relearn how TO LOVE THY SELF?
Also: As there was an award given out to another “Black” & Brown male, for the Walter Payton Award, for doing inner-city community works. Helping our disadvantaged Africoidian children, boys and girls. As Richard Sherman is; fearlessly, greatly known for doing. Looking and reaching back home, in the Negroidian neighbor = HOODS! *:) happy *:P tongue *:D big grin
anima African circleYES: they glibly mixed in their treacheries, thug tyrannical tactics, illusionary inclusions, devised demonic delusions, deviant devilish doings. Fooling the minds of the media viewers and radio listeners and hearers, as gullible-naive TV watchers.*:-B nerd*&lt:-P partyRefusing to allow We’s & Us’s enjoy our own creative culture!
SAMBO sellout sorry suckers, surely said that they voted for and wanted the Caucasian Caucasoidian man, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos to win the 48th Super Bowl 2014. In hopes of keeping their good paying jobs, employment and extra-earnings. Pacifist petty punks; + pretending = pleasing pearly pale pink pigmented people. They actually adulated asinine a-s-s Anglo-America, sucking up to them as submissive servants. Stuck stubbornly stupid supporting Satanists Supremacist System! *X( angry
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OK Y’ALLS: To protect and to defend the totally innocent at all times; I always remind myself, to say simply, not all “Whites”; as they identify themsevelves to be, are bad, indecent, racist, wicked and evil! *>:) devil
Caucasoidians categorically classified Caucasians; and I have happily named their counterparts, as being crazy CauCrazians. A concise conclusion, devolved differentiation, distinction, demonized descendants, deductive division between them, as two separated – segregated societies, sensibilities = sanely sound vs insane and inhumane!! *~X( at wits' end*:(( crying
Likewise, I’ve identified evolved Europeans into evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans. And this is a revelation, revealing to yawls, how these “Whites” might just look-a-like; butt, some are surely satanic, and I’ve labeled them: WhitTies with westernized wicked witchcrafts!
MASTER1 MelanMitia: Means melanin membrane members, messiahs, overcoming and overpowering Caucasian cream colored citizens, completely contained, and controlled by caramel – chocolate cosmetic coloration complexions. This 2013-2014 Super Bowl 48. And the Good Great White Holy Hope Clean Cultured Caucasian Coach; Wins Victoriously.
He‘s happily a Valiant Victor of The Seattle Seahawks. Basically because, he ALLOWED; all African American athletes to be themselves, act freely, openly; liberating full fledged freedom of Artistic Expression! *O:-) angel
ani halloween_skulls_32
Certainly Our ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE1, opposed opponents who were wantonly wishing with westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTies. Wanna-be “White Hispanics” herein, San Antonio, Texas, parading all around town and on the local TV news reports, shouting and chanting for the “White male” quarterback Peyton Manning. Going along with all of the hoopla, hollowing and hellish hype. Ending down and out and done, beaten badly! A dominated disappointing defeat!*o|\~ sing
On the other healthier happier hand, the darker melaninated membrane member Mexicans, Latinos, were with Seattle Seahawks. And supportive of the Brown skinned quarterback; Russell Wilson. Identifying with those who look like they do, and are suffering from “The White Terrorist Dominators” too! (ref. Dr. Kamau Kambon)
Reveals + reports COLOR KINGDOM NWCA + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.*O:-) angel
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DEEP DEPRESSION: “This was after he trudged off the field, the scoreboard above reading “Seattle 43, Denver 8,” one of the worst and certainly most painful losses of his long career. “It’s not an easy pill to swallow,”” The Great White Hope Peyton Manning confessed. Expressly after so many years of receiving credits, honors, acclaimed accolades, Most Valued Player – MVP; of winning games and a Super Bowl Ring. When more deserving African-American athletes deserved to be awarded and rewarded. Certainly, this sucked the Spiritiosity out the Solar Sexus Souls, of his disowned tissue toned -tanned – tinted teammates!
animation-ck%20blur-1.gifAlso, Mr. Manning spent so much time doing TV commercials, ego trippin’ and showing out in front of the mad media monsters! Instead of focussing on playing professional football. So he is personally Peyton paying the punitive premium penalty price = $$$ *:-& sick
And I say that Higher Holier Heavens hand had something to do with such a severe whipping; blatantly bad beating! Hurting – harming – humbling human humiliation!
Esoteric Extraterrestrial energy entities, exercising = executing existences. I identify Infinite Intelligence = INTERVENTION DIVINE! mp3
His “White God male image imploded: “This was after Peyton Manning approached his offensive line on the opening snap of the Super Bowl, trying to scream a change in cadence only to have the din of MetLife Stadium make his voice mute.” Here again, the leading Lord’s Love Life Light Locks, reinforced the loss of the longstanding lost losers!
“Racism White Supremacy” – “White Terrorist Dominators” Forced to suddenly: Stop Point Blank Period.
Reveals + reports CKNWCA. Web site:
Truly, This Digitized Design May Make Much Merchant Money = $$$
PHANTOM PHYSICS-1: “No one could hear me,” The Great White Hope Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Quarterback said. “Soon, the unexpectedly snapped ball was zipping by his ear en route to a safety for Seattle, the quickest score in Super Bowl history.” And at this time Mr. Manning knew something silently, Spiritually came into play, causing his chances to go WhitTie wickedly wrong! *:::^^::: hot
*>:) devilCURSE & DEVIL DAMNATION: “This was after Manning threw two interceptions, including a crushing 69-yard pick-six, after he missed reads and overthrew open receivers, after he’d been pushed out of hiscomfort zone by a brilliant, brutish Seahawks defense. “An excellent defense,” he said.” Now today what’s up? *:-? thinking
And Wexz & Usxz, stress that it was melaninated membrane members, all African American athletic Africoidian attributes activated; against angry Anglo-Americans Al Qaida operatives, acting against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Aboriginal ascendants!
animation2.gifIn simpler said words, an all “Black” & Brown Defense, and virtual Dark & Light skinned Offense!!
 *:O) clown*:->~~ spooky*:)) laughing Thank y’all very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.*O:-) angel
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